The Best and Cheapest Beaches to Visit in Australia

cheapest beaches to visit

Australia’s cheapest beaches to visit on a cheap day usually match very closely with the most expensive seaside accommodations in Australia, but nevertheless are still usually much closer to the very top of the global cost scale. Compared to other seaside cities in Australia and around the world, they are still often a steal. If you look hard enough, though, you can find some cheap beachfront accommodations that will blow your mind away. If you find these sorts of deals, they usually last a week or two at the most. If you have the time, you could even spend more than a week in these accommodations, but if you aren’t willing to pack your bags and hit the road like some backpackers, it may not be possible for you to do so. Either way, when you are done, you end up being very spoiled for choice.

Cheapest Beaches in Australia

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The hidden gems of Australia that are often overlooked are the coastal regions surrounding Sydney. You’ll find some amazing beaches there that are not as well known, which means the prices tend to be a little cheaper. In addition, these areas are less crowded than many of the other popular beach destinations in Australia. One example of this is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is right next to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. There is a very high quality pedestrian walkway that leads directly from the Sydney Harbor to the Sydney Opera House and all the other wonderful sites that make this area such a delight. Another underrated beach destination is Murrumbidgee, which is located along the Bass Strait, and is home to some of Australia’s finest beaches and surf schools.

Tropical Queensland is also another place in Australia that is extremely popular with tourists who are looking to spend a couple days or a couple weeks in this region of Australia. The main advantage of this is that there are a wide variety of accommodation options that are available here, from resorts, beach and resort townships, apartments as well as luxury villa rentals. If you want a cheap beach break, this is the place that you need to be, as well as somewhere where you can get to truly enjoy the natural beauty of this region. This is also a very laid back region, which makes it ideal for families as well as singles going on an adventure vacation.

With its abundance of natural resources and a wide variety of activities, South Australia is a very popular tourist destination. It’s home to a number of excellent beaches, including the famous Southport Beach, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Other popular beaches in South Australia include Moreton Bay and Longreach Beach. Although it’s not the cheapest beaches to visit, it does rate right up there with some of the more popular beach holiday destinations.

The Tropical North Queensland region of Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. This part of Australia is home to the country’s most popular beaches – those beaches that are most favoured by tourists, including the Surfers Paradise and The Spit. These two beaches attract a number of holiday makers every single year and account for most of the cheapest beach holidays in Australia. They also offer an array of activities, from walking down the beaches and checking out the stunning marine life to fishing, diving and surfing. These popular beaches are rated as being amongst the most popular and with good reason.

While you’re enjoying your cheap holiday beach holidays, why not check out some of the remote, unheard of beaches? There are some amazing beaches around remote areas of New South Wales, such as Katoomba, Meremere and Cochin. At the moment, the Katoomba Coast is very busy with tourists. However, Cochin and Meremere are still relatively unknown and may take a little longer to fill up with tourists. But both of these beaches are definitely the cheapest beaches to visit, and offer the chance to take a look at some of the most unique features of Australia, as well as to experience some excellent local food and wine.

Of course, it’s not only on the beaches where you will get to enjoy some great shopping and dining. Australia is renowned for its street food and it’s no different here. From street cafes to street stalls serving exotic local dishes, you will be able to find everything from Vietnamese pho to Thai cuisine to Italian gelato. There are also plenty of local eateries that offer you delectable Chinese food, kebabs and local delights, as well as plenty of Asian bars and pubs for a real night out.

Final Words

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If you really want to enjoy your cheapest beach holidays in Australia and make the most of your time, you should head to one of the more popular destinations in the Northern Territory. This area has many popular attractions, including Uluru National Park, the Great Sandy National Park, Alice Springs and the world famous Zanzibar Island. For visitors who want a bit of history and culture, there are two popular options in this region: Uluru and Zanzibar. Just north of Uluru are two ancient Indian tribes whose cultural significance can be explored at Stone Town and the tribal villages of Karangal and Kata, which have been integrated into the tourism economy over the last decade. In Zanzibar, you can experience the sights, sounds and tastes of this fascinating Indonesian island through one of the many Zanzibar hotels, or spend the day sightseeing or just relaxing by the beach. With so many different possibilities, you really can’t go wrong when choosing the cheapest beaches to visit in Australia.

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