Making A Poem on Summer Vacation Writing Competition -

Making A Poem on Summer Vacation Writing Competition

poem on summer vacation

When we think of the words of wisdom that can be found in a poem, we usually think of them being spoken by a famous and respected poet. While this is a common sense notion, in reality there are many great summer poems that have been discovered by ordinary people who did not have the privilege of being a published poet. A summer poem tells us something about the ordinary, the commonplace, and the elemental when we are lost deep within the many layers of summertime. They help to refresh our minds and give us new insights into the ways that life can be.

An Overview

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One poem from the list below was written by Anthony Robbins, who is an American living in South Africa. His poem titled “Many Names” is one of the many great entries that will be judged in the South African Hindi poetry competition which will take place during August and September. The poem is about love, especially between a man and a woman who have come so far as to find themselves apart.

This article will focus on one poem by an American living in Australia called “Words of Power for Summer.” This poem has won the hearts of the judges when it was read during the recent South Australian literary festival. It was also recently short-listed for the Man Booker Prize. This highlights one of the themes of this particular summer poem: the power of words. Many authors have discovered their own unique way of expressing what they feel, but very few have tried to do it in a way that can be felt, read, and shared.

The rules of the literary contest vary from contest to contest, but the general structure remains the same. Each contestant will be asked to write an original poem using at least three words, and based on the word count limit, up to a maximum of ten words. There will also be some kind of theme, and the poem must adhere to the theme. The theme can be based on a person, an event, or even a situation. There are a few different types of themes that can be used in literary contests.

Language Of Poem

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Hindi is a language that is widely spoken in southern India and Sri Lanka, making it a logical theme for a contest entry. However, there is no rule against writing in other languages. Some writers choose to write in their mother tongue, while others choose to write in a language that is not their primary language. Regardless, it’s important to read and understand the basic contest guidelines before submitting your work.

When reading through the guidelines for a contest, you should pay special attention to the word count limit. If your poem is going to fit into the allotted word count, there is not a problem, but if your poem is more than ten words, it will be disqualified. Because of the nature of the poem, many judges will reject entries with too many words, and this often gives writers a hard time. However, when you know ahead of time that your poem will be limited, it becomes easier to plan your sentences and create a smooth flow of the poem. If your poem contains only a few important words and a few critical ones, that will also help your chances of winning the poem competition.

Final Tip

To make your summer poem writing ideas really work, you should also use some type of word-search tool. A word search is simply a way to turn a long poem into a much shorter one by searching for specific words or phrases. To do this, type in all of the desired words or phrases that you would like your summer competition poem to contain and then hit enter. While the majority of word searches will give you a list of word possibilities, it’s important to go beyond just the basics. Enter in word searches that turn up additional possibilities, such as “the summertime,” “a summer’s day”, “the colors of summer,” “a summer’s breeze”, “a summer’s sky” etc.


The above example is an excellent example of how using summer word puzzles can not only improve your chances of winning a poem competition, but also provide you with a unique way to connect with your reader. Using poem competitions to spark your creativity is an essential part of any writer’s journey, and many will attest to how much enjoyment their work will receive from entering in a competition of any kind. To get started with writing your own poem for a summer vacation, check out some of our most popular options below.

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