Finding Beautiful Beaches In Florida -

Finding Beautiful Beaches In Florida

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From the crowded, yet tiny beach points to tiny little islands, the palm-fringed scenic coastlines in the Sunshine State have been spiced up with immaculate white sand, lots of sunshine, and tons of fun.

It is not all that uncommon to come upon lovely little cabins adorning some of these beautiful beaches. You can have your whole family with you on this vacation spot, or you can choose to go alone. Some come complete with their own kitchen and bathroom. Others are just a few rooms into a huge home. Either way, you’ll enjoy yourself when you take your Florida beach vacation rentals home.

Key West

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You can take your Florida beach vacations right along the Gulf, which means that you could literally get away from it all in the middle of no time. Have you ever wanted to see Key West? Or Pensacola? These gorgeous Florida beaches are about as close as you’ll get to the Gulf of Mexico, which means you can really escape the busy life in Florida and soak up some rays.

There are also a number of gorgeous beaches around the state, all of them within easy reach of one another. In Orlando, there are vacation rentals right next to Disney World. In Ft. Lauderdale, there are amazing beach vacation rentals right next to the beach. Both places have plenty to offer you, whether you’re looking for adventure or calm relaxation. In Tampa, you can find beautiful beaches just minutes from the charming city of Tampa itself, while in Daytona Beach, you can be on the other side of the world and still feel the warmth of the southern hospitality.

Relatively Deserted At Night

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Many Florida beaches are relatively deserted at night, which makes them even more beautiful during the daytime. Whether you want to visit quiet beaches with fewer people or hit the beach during the day and see the sights, there are lots of vacation rentals right near the various beaches in Florida. If you visit Daytona Beach, for example, you can simply take a vacation rental close by to the water. Or, you might decide to go to an area of Miami Beach where there are literally dozens of vacation rental homes dotting the area. The beauty of these Miami Beach vacation rentals is that they are so close to the beaches that you can literally jump into the water and start swimming.

As mentioned, there are also some great beaches in Florida and these are generally the best Florida beach rentals. These places are generally not too far away from the beach, making it easy to reach. And, most of these vacation rentals are also right off of the highway and are close to all of the tourist attractions in Florida. A great example of one of these great vacation spots is Venice Beach, which is only about a couple of hours away by car from Daytona Beach. Because it is so close, it is often a great place to get out of the heat of the southern Florida day and soak up some sun.

Florida Culture

If you are looking for a bit of Florida culture, then you can always head down to the Keys and spend a day or two relaxing by the water or strolling along the shores. One of the best Florida Keys vacation rentals is the Key Largo vacation rentals, which are located right on the Gulf of Mexico.

Here, you can experience some of the authentic Key West flavor without having to travel too far. Many of the Key Largo vacation rentals are located right off of busy Highway A-35, so you won’t have to worry about traveling through any traffic. And, because it is right off the beach, you can enjoy some great sun that isn’t too hot either!


Whether you are looking for beautiful beaches, amazing seaside views or even historical architecture, you can find just what you are looking for when it comes to Florida home rentals. It may seem like there aren’t many beach rental options in Florida, but that is actually true. There are plenty of great beach communities and townships right on the beach. If you love to stay in the warm sunshine all day long, then Florida is definitely the place for you. So, when you think of beautiful beaches, go to Florida and experience some of this incredible land right in your own backyard!

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