Exotic Beach Getaways – Choose A Tropical Beach Vacation To Relax And Rejuvenate

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Tropical Beach Resorts has it all! You can have a quiet time by the pool or at one of its 16 fantastic beaches. All of our properties are located on private lighthouses with magnificent ocean views. Each of our properties have all of the modern amenities you would expect in our premier location. They also offer state of the art wireless Internet access, fireplaces, patio heaters and much more.

Choose A Tropical Beach Vacation

A tree next to a body of water

The Palm Tree Resort

A pool next to a body of water

The Palm Tree Resort is a quiet oasis at the end of a tropical beach. This is a two secluded, private tropical beach resort that is set on acres of stunning land that faces the Atlantic Ocean. You will be able to relax in our tropical beach front private sunrooms, while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean or any other local water body.

Our friendly attentive staff will make your stay one of the most enjoyable in the industry. You can experience our tropical beach from beginning to end, whether you want to swim, surf or lie on our white sandy beach. When you want to unwind, enjoy the gentle tropical breeze, visit us at The Palm Tree Resort and be close to this world-famous resort.

We are home to some of the most beautiful palm trees and flowers anywhere in the world. Our tropical beaches are filled with these exotic plants. Guests can even take tours through our rainforest themed gardens and schools. The lush tropical gardens and courtyards are filled with plants from around the world. Our island is surrounded by over two thousand miles of pristine ocean water making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

The Maui Sands Hotel and Casino

Visitors to the island will find that the Maui Sands Hotel and Casino offer some of the best tropical beach accommodations in the country. This hotel is on the island of Maui and is the only all inclusive luxury beachfront resort on Maui. This hotel is located on Honua River where Honua Creek runs. Honua Creek feeds the largest rainforest on the island of Maui. This tropical beach is surrounded by lush tropical gardens of flowers that border the calm waters of the ocean.

The Hana Maho Beach

If you are the sort of person who likes the peaceful environment of a private island then we suggest that you stay at the Hana Maho beach. It is nestled between two large gulf beaches that jut out into the clear blue ocean. This is a wonderful location if you like to spend time alone. This private paradise has a number of different rooms that cater to different tastes. There is a variety of amenities and the rooms themselves contain the essential island amenities. This is the number one destination on Maui for golfers and boaters.

If you have an interest in scuba diving or snorkeling you will be thrilled with the depth of the tropical beaches on Kauai. The Ke’e Beach is twenty minutes from the village of Kihei on the island of Oahu and it is also a great place for swimming and to hang out on the beach. The Na Pali Coast is less than an hour from the island of Maui and it is a beautiful, scenic beach with turquoise waters. There are no dive boats available but you can fish, sail, and even just stroll along the tranquil beaches of this place.

Last Words

For those who like to party there are numerous bars and nightclubs on the island of Kauai, but if you prefer a more tropical getaway there are plenty of beach houses and condos available. These come complete with their own private swimming pools, barbecue grills, large fireplaces, and of course, turquoise waters. This type of tropical getaway is just waiting for you to make it the very first location you stop by on your Hawaii vacation.

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