Essential Packing List For A Beach Vacation -

Essential Packing List For A Beach Vacation

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What to pack for a beach vacation? Whether your destination is in Mexico or Hawaii, some things are common for all beach vacations. Following these guidelines will make packing for a vacation much easier and more enjoyable.

Start With Sunscreen

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The first thing you need to put on your beach packing list is your sunscreen. Although many people think that they already have enough sunscreen, especially if they live in an area where the sun shines almost all the time. That way, even if the beach is a short drive away, you can quickly apply a layer of sunscreen, apply some more when you get home, and reapply as needed throughout the day. Remember, a sunscreen bottle is an excellent idea because you can take it along with you if you change plans.

Beach Clothes

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Next, you need to think about the clothes you plan on wearing on your beach vacation. It might be tempting to rent a sports podiatrist’s suit and spend hours in the water, but unless you plan to play tennis or volleyball while on vacation, a simple pair of shorts is just fine. If possible, make sure you buy a few tank tops, one of those being an above-sized tank. This will help you pack for your beach vacation checklist item, shoes.

Do Not Forget The Shoes

Although swimming is a beach sport, a good pair of sneakers can make the difference between having fun and enjoying discomfort. Although not strictly required, you will want to pack at least two new sneakers pairs. For your beach vacation checklist items, think about packing a pair of flip flops for each person as well. If you want to wear them, make sure you purchase a pair with rubber soles.

Swimsuit Is Also Necessary

Most people do not consider that their swimsuits will absorb the sun and heat. Even the thinnest swimsuit can quickly become way too hot when swimming in the ocean. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you add a nice, thick swimsuit to your beach packing list. You should also include a good, wide-brimmed hat to protect your head from the sun and beach sand with your beach vacation checklist.

Did you know that it only takes about twenty minutes for a full day of sunshine on an average day? It is very easy to forget this if you are running around taking care of everything else while at home. Therefore, make sure that you include at least a good-sized beach towel in your beach vacation essentials list. Another thing that you want to remember is that you do not want to pack too lightly. Pack lightly, not to end up straining yourself while swimming in the ocean.

Final Words

Finally, you must have an adequate supply of sunscreen and some comfortable clothes. It is highly recommended that you pack at least two extra beach suits because even though the temperature may be nice, there is no guarantee that you will have a chance to play in the water or hang out at the beach. Therefore, make sure that you also include at least one beach shirt and a pair of shorts or jeans in your beach packing list. Beach supplies and other items are usually easy to find and are extremely inexpensive.

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