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Easy Mens Beach Vacation Clothes Solutions

mens beach vacation clothes

Finding great beach style clothing doesn’t have to be difficult. You might think that a trip to the beach is only suitable for warm-weather gear, but the cool months also present plenty of opportunities to get the right look in your swimwear. Here’s a few of our favorite picks for how to dress for any type of summertime beach vacation.

Beach style inspiration for guys this summer. So many men have the same idea for summer beach outfits: They want to look handsome and stylish while enjoying the sunshine and relaxing on the beach. Solid colored swimsuits and lightweight patterned suits are easy to put together in minutes, and are often worn on the beach or for short walks to town. These classic beach outfits are also easy to update for nearly any season, so you’ll always have a fresh new look to bring with you.

More Casual

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If you prefer something more casual, you will love the variety of casual beach outfits available in every size and shape. If you are slim and athletic, there are plenty of sleek beach suits with cool patterns that will complement your slim figure perfectly. Cool graphic-striped tank tops, comfortable shorts, and fun sandals all make great alternatives for wearing on vacation. For those who prefer comfort to fashion, a pair of breathable, denim shorts or a soft beach towel will do just fine.

For a more sophisticated look, you might want to opt for patterned or printed beach vacation clothing. Solid colors are generally favored by most men when it comes to swimwear, and a great selection of solid-colored swim suits, tank tops, and graphic tees is sure to appeal to any man who wants to look his best on vacation. You might also try experimenting with solid colors on your beach vacation, especially if you are dressing for an activity or event that is expected to be hot and humid. Striped and printed patterns are particularly attractive for beach resorts, water parks, beaches, and anywhere else you might want to enjoy some casual beach wear. These unique prints will keep you looking sharp on any day.

Traditional On Vacation

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For those who are looking to wear something more traditional on vacation, don’t despair. Whether you opt for a classic logo shirt or a cute bikini, you can easily accessorize your outfit with interesting accessories and shoes. A boy sandal or cute boho flats can really make a statement while adding your own personal touch to your beach look.

Nothing says cozy like a fantastic sweater or a comfortable down jacket. Look for men’s resort wear with a few pockets and lots of character. Some excellent options include genuine suede outerwear, rugged wool cardigans, and classic brown cotton button-down shirts. Of course, the classic brown flannel shirt is always a staple during any vacation, and nothing says comfort like a crisp white shirt or solid gray bomber sweater.

Pair Solid Colors

Pair solid colors with a contrasting colored neck sweater, and your warm weather ensemble are ready to hit the beach. Pair black pants with a blue or gray tee shirt, and a pair of classic loafers or sandals will complete your look.

If you prefer to go barefoot instead of wearing shoes, your options for men’s beach outfit include several options for wearing beach attire without shoes. For instance, a pair of slippers is always a fun choice, especially if you pair it with a flannel shirt and a few other items. If you are not keen on wearing slippers, consider taking a swimsuit from your closet and donning it for the day. The key here is to make sure it’s functional, and that you have at least one piece that you can wear as a slipper. Many pairs of jeans are great for going barefoot, as they are usually quite comfortable. For example, a pair of khakis with a bikini cut are quite functional, and they work perfectly for a casual beach outfit.


One other option for putting together a cute beach outfit is to wear a t-shirt and shorts. However, you should keep in mind that a bikini is generally a bit more comfortable, and you will need a bit more zip in your pants to keep the bottoms from slipping. Generally, putting together a beach outfit this way takes some time, as you need to look through a lot of different photos of different beach outfits. When you finally find a few pairs that you like, it’s time to head to the store and put them together.

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