Dog Travel Water Bottle

dog travel water bottle bowl

We always want best for our dogs all the time. So whenever we go out with them or travel with them we want them to be as comfortable as we are. When you don’t make the dog comfortable the dog may be a little challenging for you. In the home, you can perfectly take care of your pet because they are in their comfort zone but when you are out you can’t do the same. In the home, you have all the for everything which a dog needs. But traveling with them is not so easy. Because you leave all the convenience and comfort you are having at your home with your pet. If you have a dog at your home you should definitely buy this dog travel water bottle bowl feeder.

So it will be easy for you when you are going out with your dog for a vacation or even for a walk. With this water bottle, you can be sure that your dog is fully hydrated in the entire trip. Also, you need not worry about where your dog will drink water.

Dog Travel Water Bottle Bowl Feeder

The bottle is foldable and very secure. This bottle comes together with a foldable bowl where your pet can even drink water. You don’t need to take any other container in which you will have to give water to them. By squeezing the bottle the water will transfer to the bowl and your dog will be able to drink directly. The best part is the bowl is big and wide so that your dog can drink water easily. It won’t be any uncomfortable for them and will increase your dog to drink more and more water. The Important part is dog travel bottle doesn’t spill water. It even doesn’t spill water no matter how long you don’t use it. You can keep it in your bag without any second thought of leakage. 

Dishwasher Safe And Lightweight

You can easily clean the dog travel water bottle manually or putting it in the dishwasher. It is safe for you to clean it in the dishwasher because it is more convenient. The bottle is very lightweight so you can carry anywhere you want. You won’t feel your bag heavy because of this dog water bottle. It is made up of plastic. Two size variants are available. One is 250 milliliters and the other is 500 milliliters. The dog travel water bottle bowl feeder is available in three different colors (pink, red and blue). The bottle is very durable. It will be very useful during summer when you take your dog for a walk and immediately it starts to feel thirsty you can give the water instantly.

This bottle bowl feeder is really very useful for the people who have a dog as a pet. If your dog gets really thirsty every time when you go out you should definitely buy this. And you can make them drink water anywhere you want.

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