Cheap Vacation Get Away Ideas - Find The Location You Desire - Cheap Vacation Get Away Ideas - Find The Location You Desire -

Cheap Vacation Get Away Ideas – Find The Location You Desire

cheap vacation get away

Everyone deserves a getaway that is relaxing as well as under their budget. Even though summers are considered an ideal time for these vacations, you cannot avoid a cozy winter tour as well. A perfect vacation is like a much-needed break that helps you escape reality and gives you that much-wanted free time with your friends or family.

Cheap Vacation Get Away – Amidst Nature

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If you are tired of your busy schedules, you might want to visit some quiet place to have peace of mind. In that case, nothing beats the serene environment of Dharamshala. The place attracts several tourists each year due to its scenic beauty and culture. Besides, you can look for some cheap flights to get to the place. It can be your ultimate cheap vacation getaway idea as you can just enjoy simple things like hiking and sightseeing.

Hiking and camping in Dharamshala are free of cost, and if you want to sightsee specific places, then the price range is 20 INR for Indians, and it ranges between 50-100 INR for foreign nationals. And for the rest of the places, it is free of cost. You can also visit some eye-catching location of the place on a low to moderate budget. The place offers you a complete vacation package, and you will only go back feeling satisfies, rejuvenated, and entertained.

A Discount Cruise for the Go

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A cruise vacation is a perfect way to spend some quality time with your loved ones. They may seem a little luxurious, but you must know that some cruise lines offer discounts. You can get to have the same experience but with a relatively lesser cost. Cruise lines offer you a wonderful time so that you can have the most memorable experience. Several cruise lines offer great shows and performances. There is a variety of food available, and there are activities for every age group. Some of these activities include roller skating and bumper cars. You can search for various places in or outside your country to look for this type of cruise offers.

Cheap Vacation Get Away – Getaway to the Venice of the East

If you have planned to have a pocket-friendly budget trip in India, then Alleppey is one such place you might want to consider. This place is fondly called the Venice of the east. It is a fun getaway idea famed for its backwaters. The place has authentic natural beauty, and there is a sense of calmness that surrounds the backwaters. The place also offers some amazing spa parlors and traditional massage therapies.

The winter months from October to February is the best time to visit the place. If you want to spend time on the houseboats, then it starts from INR 6000 per day for 1 BHK. It is a good deal as it includes a three-course meal as well as the scenic beauty of the place. Besides, if you are going with your friends, you can split the amount for everything so it may cost you even less. You can also try out some traditional dishes under budgets like Puttu and Kadala. There are also several cheap handicrafts to buy if you like one of these items.


A cheap vacation is not a dream anymore. If you know how to look right, you can easily have your perfect pocket-friendly vacation.

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