Cheap Summer Vacations For College Students!

Cheap Summer Vacations

College students love taking vacations with their friends. But, they do not have too much money so they like low budget trips. There are plenty of destinations that students can visit over the summers. But, college students cannot spend lavishly on holidays so they need to shortlist destinations that are cheap and fun as well. There are some life hacks on cheap all-inclusive holidays that students should know. If you are a college student and wondering where to go for cheap summer vacations? Here is a comprehensive list of the cheap summer vacations for students this year.


Cheap Summer Vacations-Amsterdam
Cheap Summer Vacations-Amsterdam

Amsterdam is on the top of the list of vacations for college students because of its beauty and the appeal of the city. Although parents are not really happy that their children are visiting the city because of the reputation of the city. But, college students love going there, and the average expenditure that the city promises means that it is an affordable city for college students. You can find pretty cheap deals on hotels and airfare which is a great thing for travelers.

San Juan

Cheap Summer Vacations-San Juan
Cheap Summer Vacations-San Juan

Puerto Rico has always been an affordable destination for the students and they can even avail exceptional savings during the summer months. You can book a room in the Old San Juan so that the beaches and the historical places are easily accessible to you. Also, the round trip cost is pretty less which makes it easy for college students to afford this amazing trip.


Florence is a popular destination among the travelers and it is home to the Uzzifi Gallery which gives it a top place among the cultural tourist destinations. Although the airfare might not be particularly cheap, the hotels and food are quite budget-friendly. Once the sun sets over this splendid Tuscan city, you will have no issues spotting a hippy party. All these different settings in a single city, make it a must-visit destination for college students.


This spectacular city is often overlooked by the college students while they search for the perfect summer getaway. But, that should not be the case because the city is an affordable destination that promises too much fun. You can root for the roaring cars on the Charlotte Motor Speedway and enjoy adventurous roller coasters at the Carowinds. Meanwhile, if you love Hunger Games, you can visit some places in the city where the series was shot.


Paris is the city of lights, love, and over the top prices but it deserves a place on the list as it is home to the couple favorite Eiffel Tower. Although the city is not at all cheap, you can plan your vacations in the warm months to save big on hotels. Another tip is to travel around national holidays like the Bastille Day as the entry to the historical places and museums is generally free.


College students love traveling and there are many destinations in the world where they can travel on their student budgets. These are some cheap summer vacations that college students can enjoy fully without having to take too many working hours on their part-time jobs.

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