Budget Travel – How To Keep Your Costs Down

budget travel

Budget travel has become easier in recent years thanks to budget airlines, budget cars and budget lodging companies who are catering more and more to budget travellers. There are several ways to keep the costs of your budget vacation down.

1) Hotel or Car Rental?

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When budget travelling you probably want the cheapest option possible without sacrificing comfort, and it is fair to say that a hotel room can get expensive very fast especially in Europe. Since most budget travel sites have some sort of hotel booking feature – research what budget hotels are available in your destination. If budget hotels aren’t an option, then perhaps budget car rentals might be a better value?

2) The Lowest Price Possible?

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When budget travelling you don’t want to spend more than is necessary on any given item. For example, if you can find a budget rental car for 60 dollars a day with unlimited mileage then it might be better to go that route rather than pay 80 dollars a day for a budget car rental with limited mileage.

3) Don’t Need A Car?

Some budget travel destinations don’t require the budget traveller to have a car, but rather offer budget forms of transportation. Whether it’s budget buses or budget subways, you will be able to save money getting from point A to point B if budget options are available.

4) Prepare For Emergencies – Or At Least Spend Less?

Emergencies can happen at any time, and budget travellers don’t want to spend their budget trip dealing with them. Since budget travel sites have a tendency to charge high rates for calling in emergencies, it might be wise to invest in an international budget phone card, or budget satellite phone. These budget devices can save you money on minutes used when calling home from your budget destination.

5) Plan Ahead, Cut Costs In Advance?

It’s easy to budget travel if you have a good budget travel site that allows you to plan every part of your budget trip in advance. Since budget travel sites can be expensive when booking budget transportation and budget lodging in advance – the smart budget traveller will do most of their budget planning on budget travel sites.

However, when budget travelling in emerging budget economies you might not be able to book budget transportation or budget lodging in advance – so if that is the case then perhaps it’s best to just budget travel on a day by day basis and wait until you arrive at your destination before trying find budget transportation and budget lodging for that particular night?

6) Tipping?

It is a budget travel tradition to tip budget service providers when budget travelling. This budget travel tip should be practised in your destination, or you might get stuck with poor budget service. However, by practising budget tipping while budget travelling you are sure to have an amazing budget experience!


Budget travel can be a budget traveller’s dream if budget travellers learn the budget travel tips shared in this article. If you follow these budget travel tips when budget travelling, then your budget experience will surely not disappoint!

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