Best Tropical Beach Vacation Spots For Men -

Best Tropical Beach Vacation Spots For Men

A pool next to a body of water with Bora Bora in the background

Top 12 Best Beach Vacation Spots In Florida: One of the best beach cities in Florida, Destin attracts beach lovers who just want to not just explore the beautiful Gulf of Mexico beaches but play as well at the well-known national golf course. Destin is also known for its annual Boat Show, one of the country’s largest. The city is located on the eastern shores of scenic St Lucie Island. The city is about two hours east of Miami Beach. To enjoy a destination like Destin, you must consider several things before traveling to this place.

This is one of the best beach vacation spots in Florida where you will find lots of things to do. You can spend hours gazing at the sunsets and sunrises from the coast. There are several historic buildings here and the old downtown area is reminiscent of Old Florida. Also, you will find spectacular views of the beaches, sunset, and fireworks along the coastline and the Atlantic Ocean.

Punta Vanda

This is one of the top destinations when it comes to the best beach vacation spots in the United States. Punta Vanda, which is about 40 miles east of Destin, is one of the US beaches where you will find clear blue water and white sand beaches. The white sand is usually covered with palm trees. Every year, there is a Festival of Lights, a holiday themed competition where the best beach vacation spot contestants show off their stunning water and sand skills. If you want to participate in the competition, make sure that you have your sea life tank or boat registration.

These are among the best beaches in Florida; if you want a true surfing experience, then Orange Beach is the place to be. The reason why this place is known as the “surfer’s paradise” is because of its wide array of surfboard and wakeboard shops. The best beaches here are located along the Indian River, where the surf is at its best. It is also a good place for beginners who want to try surfing. In addition to being among the best beaches for surfing, this beach also offers some of the best beaches for swimming and snorkeling.

San Diego

A sunset over a beach with a palm tree

One of the most well-known US beaches is San Diego, California. Known for its giant tortoise, this city offers several different types of accommodations to cater to various tastes. This is among the best tropical beach destinations in the US because of its plethora of activities and its natural beauty that make it stand out among other places in the country. If you enjoy snorkeling or surfing, you can definitely enjoy San Diego and its beautiful beaches.

In the northern part of the United States, you will find the state of Maine. Known for its beautiful scenery, the lobster, French Canadian and even New England states, Maine is among the best beach vacation spots for single men. It offers more than just surfing; there are also other activities that single men will surely enjoy such as kayaking, whitewater rafting, fishing and sailing. Aside from that, Maine is also known for its delicious lobster recipes and even the famous Kennebunk Mountains. Maine is among the best vacation spots for single men in the United States.


Florida is another one of the top beach vacation spots for men in the United States. It is home to the world famous Disney Land, one of the largest theme parks in the world. The beach here is very long and it stretches from Indian Beach in Miami to the Gulf of Mexico in Fort Lauderdale. 

Some of the best activities that a man would love to do on this beach include diving, snorkeling, swimming and horseback riding. The Philippines is also one of the best tropical beach destinations for men in the United States. The beaches here stretch from Manila to Caticlan and Alabang. 

Final Words

There are a lot of activities that a man would love to do in this country like kayaking, trekking, river rafting, scuba diving and horseback riding. In fact, this country boasts of some of the best natural beaches in Asia and there are many islands in this country. Some of these islands include the Davao islands and Banaue.

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