Baby Cot Mobile Hanging Toys

Baby Cot Mobile Hanging Toys - For You Love Bundle

Are you blessed with baby, and when you lay your baby down, you have to keep playing with the baby? We have a solution for that, and it is toys, of Couse. But this is a different type of toy, and you will not have to keep playing with your baby the whole day. With these Hanging toys, your baby will be entertained the entire time. You can do your work, meanwhile. Hanging Toys are convenient, and it can be used to entertain the baby the whole day. Baby can play with them and do lots of things with that hanging toy. Also, the baby can play with it without getting bored.

Baby Travel Cot Mobile Hanging Toys

Hanging toys will make your baby happy, and it will also keep your baby entertained. Once you attach these hanging toys to the crib or your baby walker, then you will be able to do your things, and your baby will be considered. These mobile toys can be attached over cribs, strollers, and walkers. You can attach them to any cribs where your baby sleeps or plays the whole day, and then your baby will play with those hanging toys, and you will be less worried about the baby, and you can do your work meanwhile.


  • It is safe and non-toxic. The best thing about these mobile toys is that it is of plush and clamp max materials, and it is not toxic. You if your baby even chews it accidentally, then it will not make the baby ill. 
  • Installation is easy. These hanging toys are of an arc shape, and they are of a flexible material. So it can be easily added on cribs, strollers, walkers, etc. you have to clamp the ends of this hanging toy on both sides of the crib or walker and installation is done.
  • Keep your baby entertained. This hanging toy comes with a couple of toys attached in this one hanging arc, and this variety of toys will keep baby entertained, and meanwhile, you can complete your tasks.
  • Product with ease. This is a very lightweight product and it is of 88cm length and arc length of this product is 45 cm. You can add on any crib that you want. All you have to do is stick both clips of this hanging toy to each side of the crib or walker, and then it is all set to entertain your baby.


There are times when your baby will feel bored when you are doing some other things. Suppose you have to go something, and you can’t let your baby stay there doing anything. Babies don’t like to remain as it is. They want to play. If you can’t be there the whole day with a baby, then this is the solution for you. These hanging toys will keep your baby entertained. Meanwhile, you can complete your work, and this will make your parenting experience very smooth.

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