Affordable Vacations You Can Take This Year -

Affordable Vacations You Can Take This Year

6 Surprisingly Affordable Vacations

Coming up with a vacation plan is not an easy thing to do. This is especially true for people who have budget constraints. But luxury is not only about crazy expenses. You can still take a luxury-filled trip without breaking the bank. Getting out of your place does not have to mean getting into debt. Choose affordable vacations wisely, and you will inevitably end spending just enough to allow you to enjoy the trip without you worrying about your finances afterwards.

With a limited budget in mind, consider the following beautiful destinations where you can get more value for your money.

6 Surprisingly Affordable Vacations
6 Surprisingly Affordable Vacations

Argentina: Affordable Vacations

Argentina has something unique to satisfy your wanderlust. From the different rainbow shades of the architecture in Buenos Aires to the rough backdrops of Patagonia, there is something for every travel enthusiast. The cities of Argentina provide a kind of different European vibe without the exorbitant rates. Apart from urban landscapes, you will find impressive natural scenery as well. Endless mountains, staggeringly barren but beautiful landscapes and glaciers in neon blue color all await.

Nepal: Affordable Vacations

You might already have an idea about what this affordable destination has to offer – a lot of mountain scenery. It is also home to glacial lakes, luxurious fields, exotic wildlife, and bustling towns. Visitors can enjoy high-altitude trekking in Nepal. They also have the option to take safaris to watch wild rhinos, tigers, and elephants in their natural habitat. It might be a remote location, but budget travelers will never regret choosing Nepal for their holidays.

6 Surprisingly Affordable Vacations
6 Surprisingly Affordable Vacations

Costa Rica

Are you looking to reconnect with Mother Nature or treat yourself to some much needed self-care? Then Costa Rica is an ideal destination made for budget vacationers. There are many affordable hotels at this spot, offering you a service of a lifetime. They also have a private beach access facility for their guests.

Peru: Affordable Vacations

The exchange rate in Peru is fantastic! Lima is an affordable city to stay in. Even the food at this place is impressive and well-priced as well. Not to forget the people who are always enthusiastic about helping tourists. Overall, Peru is a wonderful nation with a vibrant culture and history. A perfect ten out of ten for this surprisingly affordable destination!

South Africa

The reason why South Africa has made it to this list of affordable travel destinations is because of its cheap yet cool boutique hostels and hotels. You can stay in hotels, take public transportation, and try couch surfing at affordable rates. Your budget can also include a lot of wonderful meals out, bungee jumping, paragliding, shark cage diving, canoeing, skydiving, and whatnot.


It might not be affordable to go to Vietnam from the United States, but it is all going to be worth it once you see the country’s sceneries. Shopping is highly affordable at this destination. It gives you the chance to carry a lot of trinkets for your family and friends back home. Also, dinners are quite affordable, even at the five-star resorts and hotels.

These are some affordable vacation ideas that will surely leave you in complete awe of your tour and its price. Happy tour planning!

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