6 cheap travel to Mexico

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Mexico is the perfect mix of historical sites, breathtaking landscapes, good food, and rich culture. It can be difficult to find cheap travel to Mexico but there are still some options available. This article has a list of 6 cheap travel to Mexico for budget travelers.

1. Bus Travel To Mexico:

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On a budget? If you want to experience Mexico while traveling on a shoestring budget then bus travel may be the best choice for you. Traveling by bus is an adventure in its own right and the buses are comfortable, air-conditioned, with free Wi-Fi on most routes. Buses to Mexico run regularly from all major US cities such as Los Angeles (bus tour), San Francisco, Seattle (bus tour), Dallas, Atlanta, and New York City. There are also direct buses from Canada that go directly to Mexico’s largest cities including Vancouver, Toronto (bus tour), and Montreal (bus tour).

2. Cancun: 

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If you’re looking for cheap travel to Mexico but still want the feel of being in a foreign country then Cancun may be the best option for you. While it’s probably not one of Mexico’s most beautiful places, due to a large number of hotels and resorts that line the beaches; you will still find much to explore and enjoy in Cancun and its surrounding areas.

3. Palenque:

This is one of Mexico’s most popular destinations for backpackers due to its rich Mayan history, cultural diversity, and natural beauty. The surrounding jungle provides the perfect backdrop for exploring the ruins of ancient Mayan civilizations. Known as “La Ciudad Perdida” or The Lost City, this massive UNESCO-protected archaeological site is one of Palenque’s most visited places.

4. Cozumel:

This Mexico city is located on the Yucatán Peninsula and offers visitors a wide range of activities including exploring the underwater world of its many coral reefs, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, jet ski rentals, and parasailing. It can be reached by air from a number of major US cities including Boston, Las Vegas, Dallas, and New York City.

5. Mexico City

The capital city of Mexico is a great place to go if you’re looking for cheap travel to Mexico but still want to do some exploring. It combines historical buildings with chic nightlife spots and modern shopping malls just as easily as it does with local eateries and colorful markets. It’s also home to some of Mexico’s best museums and cultural attractions like the National Museum of Anthropology and Chapultepec Park (located in the heart of the city).

6. Puebla: 

Thanks to its convenient location halfway between Mexico City and Cancun, this city sees a large number of American tourists every year. This is because it offers people the best of both worlds when it comes to Mexico’s rich cultural heritage and modern conveniences, which can be seen in its historical center that sits alongside modern shopping malls, theaters, and restaurants. It can be reached by bus from either Mexico City or Cancun (bus tour).


Mexico has a lot to offer and no matter what kind of traveler you are there is always something for you! Whether you’re looking for cheap travel to Mexico or just exploring the country we hope this article has provided you with some useful insight. So don’t wait any longer and plan your next trip.

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