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5 Cheap Islands To Visit This Summer

5 Cheap Islands To Visit This Summer

A week of sand and sun will work wonders for your ailing mind and body, but what about the expenses? Are you dreaming of budget-friendly tropical vacations? There is no need for you to pay a huge amount of money for getting that tan you have always wanted. Just a bit of research and you will have a glimpse into what cheap islands to visit are available. You can also gather data on hotel rates, package deals, and airfares to prepare you for such island visits.

Here are some exotic destinations worth considering:

5 Cheap Islands To Visit This Summer
5 Cheap Islands To Visit This Summer

Azores Islands: Cheap Islands To Visit

You will find nine volcanic islands at this place, which is located around 1, 000 miles from Portugal. The islands provide an exclusive tropical experience. Visitors get the chance to explore the black sandy beaches while enjoying other activities such hiking, scuba diving, and horseback riding. You will have to book plane tickets well ahead of time to get reasonable deals. Also, try going off season for saving big on your constrained budget.

Cozumel: Cheap Islands To Visit

Cozumel is a minuscule island lying off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is known for its bright and vibrant marine life, white sandy beaches and of course, the Maya ruins of San Gervasio. Choose any US airport for flying directly to this island. It might be a bit costly, but you might save money by landing in Cancun and then going on a ferry trip to reach Cozumel. The boutique hotels at this island are known for quite a homey environment and friendly services. It would be a good option for you to try out the beachfront resorts too within affordable rates.

5 Cheap Islands To Visit This Summer
5 Cheap Islands To Visit This Summer

Jamaica: Cheap Islands To Visit

You cannot afford to leave this place when it comes to enjoying reasonably-priced island vacations. If you are an eco-adventurer, there’s a lot for you to do in Jamaica. You can zip-line through the rainforests and even choose to swim in the waterfalls. Super-cheap spots like Rastafari Indigenous Village and Bob Marley Museum are also worth visiting. And yes, you will find multiple beaches for relaxing in between your excursions.

Nassau, Bahamas

Almost any affordable island vacation can take a toll on your budget because of unforeseen costs. Choosing between staying at a comprehensive resort will help you in controlling such costs. Experts in this field recommend Nassau for those who want to save big. This place is popular for its white-sandy beaches and budget, all-inclusive resorts. Majority of the resorts have activities and gratuities included to provide customers with a complete treat and peace of mind to the guests.  

Puerto Rico

It is the one and the only island destination on this list that gives you the option to split your holiday between two different spots. One is the vibrant city of Old San Juan, and the other one is the El Yunque Rainforest. Budgeting for expenditures in Puerto Rico is quite easy, mainly because the local currency is US dollar. Also, there are many hotels scattered throughout the island, which means finding one within your range will not be a problem.

These are some of the cheap islands to visit without the fear of breaking your bank. You deserve a good vacation and you can get one if you choose any of the islands in this article.

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