4 Cheap Vacation Spot to Visit in 2020 With Your Friends

Cheap Vacation Spot

We have a stressful lifestyle and the year 2020 has only made it worse for us. With the COVID 19 pandemic, economical problems, and job losses people are hard put for money. We try to save up on almost any means possible due to the insufficient savings we have. However, if there was something that could make things better it would be a vacation that we can take with either friends or family. We have tried to make things simpler for you with affordable options when it comes to a cheap vacation spot. 

This list essentially does not compromise on the extravagance that is usually associated with a vacation spot. These spots are carefully selected to ensure that whoever chooses it would have the ideal vacation in 2020 without having to worry about burning a hole in their wallet. 

Cheap Vacation Spot For Holidays
Cheap Vacation Spot For Holidays

Top Cheap Vacation Spot: Fiji

Expensive is the first thought that comes to mind when people think of the Pacific islands of Fiji for that matter. Cheap transportation, guesthouses, and other types of accommodation are available in this place. These are good enough to accommodate your family with ease. 

Awesome looking beaches, friendly locals, supreme diving, and tasty seafood is what you can associate with Fiji apart from it being a cheap vacation spot. Backpacker community is something that you can associate yourself with if you are planning a vacation with friends. 

Cambodia A Cheap Vacation Spot

Supremely hospitable locals are what you get when you choose to visit Cambodia apart from it being a cheap vacation spot. You can get accommodation for as little as $20 and the food too is cheap and you can have a good meal with as little as $2. 

People who have visited Cambodia tell that with $50 per day you can have all the extravagance that the place has to offer. It is also considered to be one of the best backpacking destinations in the entire world and especially in Southeast Asia. 

Central America

Jungles, surfing, delicious food, and ancient ruins are the major highlight of Central America. This is also a very cheap vacation spot for anyone who wishes to explore it. You can enjoy one of the affordable vacations here as with less than $100 you can almost have everything that you desire for in this part of the world.

You can roam all of the countries with little money as food, transportation, and accommodation is cheap here. Backpacking and roaming about are one of the most popular things tourists are used to doing here. 

Cheap Vacation Spot For Fum
Cheap Vacation Spot For Fum


You would be surprised that touring this place is also extremely cheap. Apart from getting to know a completely different culture, you can travel around to see things like never before. In this place too you would not have to spend more than $100 a day if you can find your way around. You might still want to keep away from big cities in China since they can get expensive than you think. 


There are many vacation destinations that are budget-friendly. You just need to do a little research to find the best ones and enjoy a memorable trip with your family.

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